Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, the pelts are off the blocking board. And since I have all of the live stitches of all of the pieces on the same circular wire, they really do look like pelts when I grab them all up. At this point, I have 2.5 out of the four raglan seams complete, and then four more seams to go. This is the first time I've seamed an adult-sized sweater, and the first time playing with mattress stitch and raglan seams. It's coming out beautifully so far. I showed Lee how wonderful it was to just tug on the yarn and have the seams come together so nicely. He rolled his eyes. He doesn't get it.

Have you ever used Lopi? I'm using it for my cardigan, and it's breaking a lot as I seam. I'm not sure why this keeps happening. I'm spit-splicing it back together, but it's really making me wonder if the seams will hold up. Granted, they shouldn't have too much tension on them, but I'd still rather have seams that I can be happy with, both while seaming and wearing.

On the plus side, I have pretty sidebar stuff up now, so take a look! It's not a comprehensive listing at all (as you can tell from the Score), though it is the stuff I will most likely be working on. Or at least, it was a good grouping to put up. I was just going to add things as I blogged about them, but oh well.

No pictures today, I didn't photograph the pelts or the beautiful seams. I also have my Hourglass Eyelet sock that I'm working on while in school. I'm down to the foot, but for some reason this sock just seems to be going veeeeery slooooooowly. I worked on it for a couple hours yesterday, and I only got 2". It's my in school project for the moment, so hopefully it gets done by the time school is out. Then I can make the second one. Oy. Right now I just want something I can finish quickly and be happy about. The cardigan is so close, but needs buttons before it can really be finished. I have to make a second sock to finish the Hourglass Eyelet socks. And my closest cross stitch piece needs backing fabric once I finish it, so that will take kind of awhile too. Instant gratification please!

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