Monday, January 21, 2008

Blocking, Part I or I Knit an Amoeba!

When you finish knitting lace or Fair Isle knitting, chances are your knits will look more like an amoeba or other strange creature than what you were intending. It has nothing to do with knitting skill, it's just how it goes. So, I finished a few amoeba-like projects and decided it was time to get the blocking blanket out. I have a blocking board, but it's in storage at home since I wasn't sure I'd have a spot to put it. My blocking blanket is a large rectangle of leftover leopard print fleece my grandmother gave me as a blanket, since she had no idea what she originally bought it for. Her sewing room is FULL of fabrics bought for never-made projects, fabrics that were on sale and pretty, and leftovers from projects. A lot like most knitter's yarn bins. So she's been slowly cleaning it out, going down and organizing, removing bolts every so often, using scraps for pillows and mending, and I've got me a soft, nice leopard print fleece that's awesome for blocking on. I unfolded the blanket and placed it on the floor in blocking preparation. Lee took one look and said "This means there will be pelts all over the floor for days, doesn't it?" He thinks all of my blocking pieces look like pelts when they're pinned out and drying.

So, I have the blanket out, and now, for the amoebas!

Jellyfish, or Hemlock Ring?

Arrow pointing the way to knitting lessons, or Mystery Stole 3, a.k.a. Swan Lake?

Argyle socks with ghost/alien blobs, or Aaargh-yles?

These will be washed, stretched to within an inch of their miserable yarn-y lives, and once they are dry, should look like something to be proud of! Though the socks really don't look that bad.

Also, if I commented on anything in the past couple of hours, and my posts are not coherent, I have had three glasses of champagne and a large glass of Jack and coke this evening. Yes, the majority of this post was written a few days ago, when I had the camera out and took pictures and uploaded them, and so is mostly coherent. I think. I still have a couple of pre-written posts, but since I can't seem to sit at a computer long enough to check my e-mail, let alone post, I am spacing them out. So for you, my two readers, you get posts, and you even get posts with pictures, yay!

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