Friday, December 5, 2008


I was going back and forth between finishing more things and going on to bigger and better newer and sparklier projects, and the newer and sparklier won. I figured I'd have to swatch a couple of times before getting my desired row count, then re-do the math for the stitch count and totally restart my mom's cardigan if I wanted to make progress on that, and while I'd like to get it to her for Christmas, I think her March birthday is a bit more likely right about now. While I could keep on chugging on those projects closest to completion, most of them take a lot more effort than I can put in right now. I have been having some wicked bad insomnia, and therefore cannot really focus too well on stuff.

I have three projects that require additional charting and/or math (one not yet started) so they are not really candidates. I have a pair of socks (Hourglass socks) that have some cabling every other row, and while it's not bad, is one of the slowest pairs of socks I've ever knit so far. I think they'll be awesome and perfect work socks when finished, but who knows when that will be?! Again, that one requires more focus than I can easily give. All the cross stitches require counting, and while the two that are furthest are easy to count as many other colors are already there, it's still more focusing than I'm interested in. While I could finish the two nearly complete projects, I don't quite have all of the required materials for one (brown felt and vinegar) and I don't have the focus for correct seaming, even if it is only two set-in sleeves (Rogue). Besides, I *almost* finished what I was supposed to in order to start something new...

Now I'm two (started the post) 4.5 (finally took the picture) five (finally uploaded the picture) pattern repeats into a twelve repeat blanket, and I'm trying to stop myself from starting the bibs. I might anyway. The wife of one of my coworkers went into labor yesterday, and I have the yarn for six bibs...two in the plain colors won't be missed from Valerie's set, right? I mean, four bibs and a blanket...and maybe a cute little newborn bag enough, so if I make two bibs for someone else...and they should be quick little projects...and I'll be reducing my stash...

I think I officially have Start-Itis again!

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