Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The baby should be around shortly, and I think the package is with the mother. Maybe. I sent it late. Anyway, here are the gorgeous little bibs I made for my cousin's baby:

All of them were knit using the following:

Yarn: Bernat Naturals Cotton - 3 colors, about .4 skeins per bib, in white, brown, and blue (tidepool, I think)
Timeframe: December 27 - January 25. Each one only took a couple of hours actual knitting time.
Mods: I slipped the first stitch of every row and used a crochet cast on to start for a more uniform edge.
Problems: None!

I loved these. Amazingly quick knit, add a cute button, and it's good to go. I'll probably make myself a million of these when I have kids (not anytime soon!). It's a nice interesting yet simple design, and of course, is made from machine washable cotton. Now I just hope I secured the buttons on tight enough!

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