Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour de Fleece

I blew this one. Three reasons.

1. I didn't open my wheel for a few days after the start, due to life and the couch slipcover that wouldn't cooperate. It finally did, and looks great, though could use some ironing.

2. I decided to take a trip to Bali from the 20 - 31 of July. I decided to look into this on July 2. After signing up for the Tour and WIP Wrestlemania, of course. I did okay with WIP Wrestlemania, should have six of 10 knitting WIPs finished by the end of the month, but failed miserably on the Tour de Fleece.

3. On the Bali vacation, I decided to get SCUBA certified and surf, and maybe do some climbing or other activities. I have recurring knee issues, and the treadling of the wheel, while not causing major problems, was straining the knee a bit more than was recommended for physical activities, so after an initial few hours of excited treadling and then a bit of spinning, I decided not to tempt fate, and was kind of wishing I'd gone with the Mazurka so I could use just the good leg.

The wheel! Yay! I have a spinning wheel! A Kromski Minstrel from Copper Moose in Walnut!

Oh well, I did get the basics of my goal down, which was learn how my wheel works, though I didn't get any sort of consistency yet. The second half of that goal was to spin three bobbins worth of wool and then ply in a DK to WW type yarn, which would hopefully be enough for a vest for work, but that did not happen. I think I'll give my legs a few days to recuperate from the trip, then I'll be spinning and will hopefully (maybe, fingers crossed) have at least the yarn for a vest for work by this fall, if not the vest itself. I have two pounds of the yarn, so if three bobbins doesn't end up as enough, I can always spin up more. Then, I plan to play with dyeing and plying different colors together with the rest of the yarn. I also have some gorgeous dyed fiber from Copper Moose, but that will wait until I've gotten the hang of this wheel and finished the spinning for the vest.

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  1. Hello!
    Thank you for visiting me :D
    I have been to Bali once. It was beautiful (over 20 years ago!!!). Would love to go there again.
    Your spinning wheel is so pretty. I have an un-waxed Ashford. I haven't spun for ages. I know it will take a while for me to get back but would love to make my own lace weight yarn for more shawl knitting!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Will visit you again :D


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