Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Stitching Away!

I finished the Cinderella's Castle cross stitch! This has been the longest running project I've ever had, and I'm done. With the stitching. I still need to give it a wash, block, iron, and then a frame, but I'm done with the actual stitching. This astounds me.

Of course, now I'm excited that I can move on to the next Art of Disney cross stitch, Mickey and the Fireman. That one had some dyelot issues, so will need some parts removed and re-stitched, maybe. I'm going to see if I can tell what needs to come out and what doesn't, and only remove the ones that are obviously wrong. There is one section that definitely is, but a couple of others are done using one of the possibly incorrect threads and a different blending color, so I may leave those where they are. With six ongoing cross stitch projects, three of them being Art of Disney cross stitches, the only way for me to really get down into the single digits for WIPs with the sewing, spinning, knitting, and crocheting is to get that number down. I think my stitching stash is vying with my knitting stash for most number of possible projects, and that's just because I like lace and sock yarns. In order to finish projects more quickly, I'm going to finish one non-Disney cross stitch in between each Disney one, starting of course with the furthest along, the Sled Ornaments.

I bought these things in a lot off of eBay and started them at least three years ago. They are creep-tacular. Plastic grid embroidery seamed in the shape of a sled with a thread so you can hang them. The individual pieces were mostly complete, just a few green runners and the detail work left on the sled faces. At this point, all of the stitching is complete and I'm on to the seaming. I do have two more of those green runners to cut out, but they're nearly complete and I have 3.5 sleds done. I just have to tackle those last couple of sleds and then figure out what the heck I'm going to do with them! Ah well, they'll be done, so one more long-term WIP out of the way.


  1. wandering in over from ravelry. love the cinderella's castle, well done! :D

  2. OH WOW!!! I just found your blog..this is just amazing!!! I have this kit to stitch. I finished Happiest Celebration on Earth in January of this year!! It turned out GREAT!!!


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