Saturday, September 17, 2011


I  seem to be lacking the ability to do those last little finishing touches that actually complete a project. Two projects have been sitting around since August just needing to be washed, joined recently by a third. Three shirts just need buttons, though I put them on one this morning to wear to work. And of course, instead of finishing up that stuff or sewing up the fabric that's been cut already, I start something completely new, thinking it would be a fast finish. Which it will be, a simple skirt with only five pieces, one of which is interfacing, but then it was time for dinner and not too long after that, bed, so it's still sitting on the sewing table rather than in my closet. It will look amazing with a shirt that is still in uncut fabric form, waiting for its turn for the cutting board. Sigh. I'd better get on that!

I also managed to destroy a brand-new worn only once shirt because apparently I did not pre-wash the fabric and it shrunk. I can still wear it, but now it's a belly shirt. Which I should probably not wear. Wharrrrrrrgarble!

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