Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Conference Crafting

At prior conferences, I've gotten a lot of knitting done on-site and traveling. You get a lot less knitting done when you're presenting, moderating, and networking the whole time and sleeping on the plane. I packed seven projects:

I worked on five of those seven, two shawls, one pair of socks, the Steotchalong cross stitch, and a top that was almost done and I was hoping to wear. The other pair of socks was already at 50%, and the cross stitch got packed because it lives in the same bag as the Steotchalong. I was hoping to finish the top, a pair of socks, and a shawl, along with the first Steotchalong clue.

I completed nothing. I did finish the first clue for the cross stitch, one and a half Thelonious socks, two charts on Out of Darkness, multiple repeats of the never-ending border on Oceanspray, and all but the armhole edgings on White Sangria, but no actual finished objects. The yarn count is not looking good this month. Especially considering the Loopy Ewe order that was waiting for me when I got home - a fingering-weight sweater quantity for the Camp Loopy July project along with the Loopy Academy prize, extra credit prize, and the Denver (first level of rewards club) prize. Love the Loopy Academy bag!

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