Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Wrap-Up

I spun some yarn and of course didn't finish everything I wanted to (and bought a little bit more yarn...) so I'm slightly ahead on stash yardage. Again. Surprise, surprise.

It's also a new record high for the second month in a row! I did finish a surprising number of things this month, eight yarns spun and seven additional finished items. I've made it past the 3k finish line for Stash Dash!

We're in the final third and I'm still hoping to finish nearly all of those "quick and easy" WIPs I was planning in the beginning. So far I've only actually finished one of the four I thought I'd finish in May. Poor planning there - apparently I base my knitting goals with the assumptions that all I do is knit and all of the knitting time is when I'm in the zone, zooming along and making no mistakes or having yarn tangles. These assumptions have proven themselves invalid - just check half of the last four posts!

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