Friday, September 28, 2007


So I don't generally frog things. I usually finish what I start. I even finished The Hobbit, a book that took me years to get through. That's why I keep a total of all of my projects and do not consider those I am unable to work on as in hibernation or not on the list. They've been started, they will be finished. I also usually put a bunch of time and effort into picking out the pattern and the yarn. Not so easy with test knits. You don't see what the pattern will be until you're done. Those are the only items I've ever frogged.

The Path of Flowers Shawl is a really pretty pattern. It just doesn't work in KnitPicks Shimmer. It needs a solid or nearly solid yarn. I'm thinking a pastel pink for my grandmother for her birthday in February. The pink and purple Shimmer does not work. There are really pretty roses and tulips in the shawl, but they get lost in the variegations. So I am frogging it, and will either use the yarn for a different pattern for my Grandmother's birthday, or use it for myself and get the pastel pink for her.

It is a very sad thing for me to admit defeat in a pattern/yarn combination. However, I shall move forward with my head held high. And use those needles for the next project


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  1. I bet the Shimmer would work well for Muir in this edition of Knitty. I love Zephyr for lace, and they have really pretty "flowery" colors. Good luck!


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