Thursday, September 27, 2007

Old Navy?

So I finally managed to find the site for the mystery shawl. It'll be triangular and blue. Perfect for the rest of that cobweb weight Yubina yarn. Yay! My LYS is most likely going to hold a knitting night Wednesdays or Thursdays after the clues come out so we can all sit around and puzzle over them together. Of course the last clues will be after I'm in Rochester again, so I told them they need a speakerphone or something. Should be a good time!

Have you seen the Old Navy Fair Isle collection? I have a deep, burning hatred for that store, and the flame has been severely doused by this collection. Freakin' cute! Couple of things I'd love to try my own hand at, and I want to find the closest Old Navy so I can ogle the fabrics up close and figure out what exactly they've done. One of them is taking the ballband dishcloth pattern and turning it inside out while adding some ribbing edging. I can do that! Though I'd rather have it inside out of what they have. I have a friend who really likes Old Navy stuff generally - I'm thinking of looking at the cabled scarf, charting the pattern, then either making it for my friend, or pushing her into trying cables by gifting her the chart, needles, chunky yarn, and pom-poms. Yes, I know you're probably reading this, I'm talking to you!

I'm about 85% done with the Monkey socks, and with the way my experimentation is going today, there's no reason for me not to finish. Except Ravelry. I'm doing quite well with my Plum Pullover too, 12 more inches of the body, then I have to figure out what's going on with the sleeves. It's gonna be one of those "divide leftover yarn in two, knit until desired length or no more yarn" type things. I'm a-hoping that it'll be enough for long sleeves, and it really does seem like it will as I have seven skeins left and I'm done with the yoke and I'm already somewhat into the body, so I'm anticipating 2-3 skeins for the rest of the body, then 1-2 skeins per sleeve. If it maxes out my expectations, that's exactly the ten skeins I have. If it requires more, well, the sweater gets 3/4 or shorter sleeves. I think it's asking for long sleeves though.

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