Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Done Stuff

I finally finished my BYOB. Here she is:

Pattern: BYOB
Yarn: Bernat Naturals Cotton - 3 colors and I'm not sure how much. Less than one 400 g skein of white and brown, less than one 100 g skein of blue (tidepool, I think)
Timeframe: July 9 - September 7. This one took awhile!
Mods: None
Problems: The pattern has a small typo in it - it says to start the bag body at the center of the cast-on row. It's supposed to be start at the center of one of the sides, to make the handles line up correctly. Luckily, I was watching the BYOB KAL on Ravelry and knew about this one, so knit a bit extra on the last body row to line up my handles the way I wanted them to be.

I love this bag. I intend to make more of them. I don't particularly like knitting this bag though, so the others will have to wait! All that seed stitch and the cotton yarn is just not terribly pleasing to me. I should have enough yarn for four bags, one more like the one I just made and two with the brown as the main color. I have a 400 g skein in each color. It might not quite be enough though, since I'm using the main color as an accent color in the other bags. I might need another 100 g skein of each to actually get all four done.

I was working on sketching out and designing a bag almost exactly like this one. It was going to have a garter stitch bottom, stockinette for a few inches, an open lacework panel, then stockinette and handles similar to this one. The short row handles and rolled edge are ever so much better than mine was going to be, and the seed stitch a lot sturdier. I was going to add a pocket, but that really wouldn't work with the bulk of the cotton yarn, which I would have learned for myself later.

I'm really, really, really impressed by the handle though. The short rows to make it flow out of the bag but make it look nice instead of just slashes in the top solid portion, the rolled bits to make it nicer on your hands, it all works so well together. I am so very impressed by this bag! Especially since the designer found such awesome ways of putting everything together and making all those little aspects of the design I was wondering about work so well. Thank you,

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