Wednesday, September 10, 2008

See, I Finish Things!

I will show off two of my lovely recent(ish) FOs clogging up the sidebar. Man, I've either got to take pictures of these stupid things more quickly or change the rule that I cannot take the finished items off of the sidebar until there's pictures of them. I think I'll just try to take more pictures!

FO #1: Manitou Passage Scarf

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in New Denim, about 0.85 skeins
Timeframe: July 23 - 30.
Mods: Taken from StickChick on Ravelry
Problems: Not a problem so much, but it grew a LOT during blocking and flattened out amazingly, as I'm trying to show with the old picture on the side there. You might not really be able to tell, but trust me, it's much flatter and longer after blocking! Also the length had something to do with the yards of knitting after this picture was taken.

FO #2: Manitou Passage Hat
Pattern: Manitou Passage Hat from djinniya on Ravelry
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in New Denim , about 0.85 skeins
Timeframe: Just a few hours of knitting - started on the 1st, finished knitting on the 3rd, finally blocked on the 6th.
Mods: None
Problems: Only thing is it didn't quite block as flattened as the scarf did, so it doesn't match quite as well as the original set. Not that big a deal though!

These are a thank-you gift for the friend of my mother in law who helped to arrange the flowers for our wedding. She wanted a nice denim-y blue scarf she could wear with her blue jacket. I'm thinking this about fits the bill! It's also very nice because it's reversible, so she can just throw it on and not worry about having the right side out or anything.

Also, I have more pictures but Blogger is not being nice about allowing me to integrate. Check out or my Ravelry account for more. Stupid Blogger. Figured it out. It wasn't Blogger, it was Chrome. Stupid beta Google product that doesn't actually work with Google products...

Also, to wrap up old news:
  • We're getting our stuff out of customs when we get to Japan, yay!
  • I didn't win the Art of Disney "The Happiest Celebration on Earth" cross stitch, as it sold for over $200. Ouch.
  • I chose to use the Grapefruit Ginger from the car, since it was about 1/4 gone.
  • I have two weeks left in this country. TWO WEEKS! But I officially have my visa in my passport, so all that's left is the cleaning, packing, visiting, and trying to finish the crazy amounts of knitting I thought I could do before I left.

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