Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had two items in my sidebar for awhile that have recently (like a month ago) moved to UFO status. You may have noticed that if you're on Ravelry, or if you pay more attention to the sidebar than I do. That little Hedwig Amigurumi that I'd been working on for over a year now was not finished before I left for Japan, and was something I was not interested in bringing with me. Mostly, I did not want to have the yarn taking up space once I was done with it. Had I finished the wings, I probably would have brought it, but I did not want to bring a random skein of yarn I'd have no use or desire for once I got here. We thought we'd be getting a very small place, but ended up in a really large, open, nice apartment where I could have easily had such a small item hanging around. Oh well. Hedwig is officially into UFO territory, until such time as I return to the States or Lee and I have his parents send us our items in storage at their house. It could be awhile! She's so close too, just needs the wings crocheted and then the wings and feet attached. The real problem is that I do not fully remember how I did the wings before and would therefore probably be ripping back and re-doing a few times before I was happy with it. I did not want to deal with that, so I left it.

The other item that has been officially moved to UFO status is Blaze. I love that sweater, and I really, really hope to get another skein of that yarn to finish it someday. I have a more than likely source, but she's recently moved and hasn't yet unpacked that portion of her stash. I may be able to finish it to the point where it's an off the shoulder number with what I have, but since the new skein will be a different dye lot, I want to alternate the new and old skeins and therefore can't do any more with it until I get the new skein. Since I don't have it now and may or may not get it soon, I decided to rescue my cord from the sweater, put it on waste yarn, and leave it. Now that we're here, I could have brought a heck of a lot more stash. I brought a good portion of it, but definitely not all of it. Anyway, Blaze is sitting in the US, and this is a picture taken when I removed the cord.

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