Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peasantry: An FO

I finally photographed my Peasantry sweater. It's absolutely awesome, though I don't think I'll be wearing it out much. Lee loves the fit, but not the retro-ness of it all. Here it is, my Peasantry:

Pattern: Peasantry from a vintage 1970s crochet pattern booklet from my mom.
Yarn:Recycled goodwill sweater and Caron Simply Soft in black for the edging and embroidery.
Timeframe: Loooong time. It was over two years from start to finish, July of '06 to August of '08!
Mods: Larger crochet hook (K instead of I) - I just couldn't get gauge with this sweater!
Problems: The yarn was sooooooo tangled and then didn't take the black dye, so I had to get some black yarn for the edging and embroidery. I got Caron Simply Soft, as it was the right color, thickness, had about the same feel to it as the white yarn and was also machine washable, but it isn't holding up wonderfully well. It's getting very fuzzy and indistinct. The sweater is also about 1/2" too tight at the hips. It's pulling the seams there. Other than that, it's a very nice fit!
Yes, I managed to wear a black bra for the photoshoot, but ignore that. I put it on after walking home in the rain, and then realized I didn't have pictures yet. Lee was recruited, and he did a very nice job for the most part. Should have told me to stand up straight for the side view, but I love the close-up of the chest details and the main picture.

I started this before I understood correct fit and all, and I'm just really lucky it turned out exactly how I wanted it. The hips should be about 1/2" wider, but I'm not all that disappointed by it. All of the details fall exactly where I wanted them to - it's a wonderful tunic top with bell style sleeves. The embroidery falls well below the widest point in the hips, so doesn't draw attention to that, the set in sleeves are at the perfect point of my shoulders, and the bell sleeves come down just past my finger joints when they're hanging. For some reason, the right one looks shorter than the left in the pictures, but that is not actually the case. The sleeve embroidery is also just past the widest point of my hips, and the neckline is perfect. I was worried it would be slightly too high, which would cause the top button or two to want to be open or otherwise unruly, but it's just right. I think I will be using this sweater as a model for later sweaters, probably knit. If I add a bit to the hips, it would be a practically perfect fit for me, as I love tunic tops and bell sleeves. I think I will probably knit something to those dimensions, probably with a lace or cabled panel for interest, but not the embroidery you see here. Maybe colorwork, with pewter clasps instead of buttons. I think I like that idea...

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  1. You're right. A tad bit wider around the hips would have been, in the words of Bugs Bunny, "Poifect!" You did a good job there, and it looks lovely, and I commend you!


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