Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ca Ri Ga Pi

Yay! My first pie crust, for real! I made a Vietnamese curry chicken (Ca Ri Ga) pot pie for dinner, and boy was it delicious! This was my first pot pie, my second ever pie, and my first pie crust. It came out surprisingly well. I used the filling recipe from Wandering Chopsticks, after having tried the non-pie version of the curry and enjoying it greatly, and the crust recipe from the same. Lee was aghast - I was making pie crust and not using his family recipe? Sacrilege!

He agreed that the crust I used was perfect for this particular use though. It is very rich and pastry-like, so excellent if you're looking for a thicker tart-like crust, but I think I'd still go with his family's recipe for most fruit pies. I used this recipe for a chocolate pie as well (no pictures, it went too quickly!) and wow, was it amazing. My family typically gets boxed pumpkin and chocolate pies for Thanksgiving - never again on my watch! This pie was so amazing, and actually really easy to make. I hadn't ever made my own pudding before, and it worked out so well. I shall have to make it again sometime and blog about it then.

We made some rice to go with it, because as filling as the pie was, we wanted to have leftovers for the next night! Ca Ri Ga pie a la mode.

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  1. Awesome. I'm so glad you liked the curry and pie recipe. What's Lee's family's fruit pie crust recipe? I love pie and am always looking for more recipes.


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