Tuesday, June 2, 2009

+50 Skill Points!

We wanted to get some tapestries and frame them to liven up the room. After going to check out the store, we found that the one we were given was the only really good one they sold, and the frames were $80 for the $8 - $10 tapestries. Not worth it! So, we decided to get an interesting printed fabric from the craft store and hang it where we wanted to add some color to the room. 1 meter of fabric at $6.40, some hemming and some dowels from the Home Center makes an affordable and very nice wall hanging to liven up the room.

As we're buying fabric instead of something already made, I have to stitch up the hems. The fabric itself is very colorful, with pink, blue, and orange flowers surrounding black fans outlined in shiny gold on a lovely variegated green background. The pattern has no border and we decided not to border it with black or anything else. This gives me a dilemma: How to hem it?

I decided it was time to learn how to do a blind hem. And I did!

I used a dark green that I already had on the bobbin, the one I used to attempt to put the zipper into my Mother in Law's cardigan. This matched the background, but was obviously too dark to have a straight line going across the flowers and lighter green leaves. It took me a couple of tries, but that is a nice even line, completely disappearing into the background areas and not too intruding on the lighter pattern panels. I am inordinately happy with myself!

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