Saturday, May 23, 2009

MIL Cardi, Finished!

So there was a hole. I fixed it! I put the zipper in the long way, by hand, and it isn't the best stitching job ever. The stitches aren't straight, but you can only see that from the inside. Everything else looks great though! The zipper lines up well, the tubular bind off is wonderful, and I just hope that it fits the way it should! It's not my size, so while it didn't look so great on me, I'm hoping it's perfect for my mother in law. She says it's great, so I'm happy!

Pattern: None, calculated using multiple online and in print resources.
Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca in 6277 (Heathered dark green with gold), 4.75 skeins, also a gold jacket zipper to match the gold accents in the yarn, as the green zippers were not quite dark enough to use.
Timeframe: Bought the yarn and swatched initially August of '08, re-swatched in February, I think, finally cast on March 27, finished May 12.
Mods: Well, some of my initial calculations were wrong, but since it was my pattern, I suppose there weren't any!
Problems: Kind of a lot. The hole from the last post was the biggest one, combined with getting the zipper in. I forgot to switch needles a lot. I don't typically do patterns with different size needles. I think I've only done three previously, a pair of socks, my wedding cape, and the Lopi Cardigan I made awhile ago. I had to rip back 2" of the ribbing on the back. I had to rip out all of the ribbing on one of the sleeves. I had to rip back to the ribbing on one of the fronts, which was finished when I realized it. Could have been done a week earlier had I not kept screwing up, and made it on time for Mother's Day. Seaming worked well, blocking worked well, and the only problem I had with my numbers was that I had to work 2 more rows on the fronts to make them as long as the sleeves. I changed a couple of the numbers on the fly, mostly the length of the ribbing in a couple of areas. I am going to call this one successful though!

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