Friday, September 11, 2009

Sample Knitting for Indigo Moon

Right now I'm doing a bit of sample knitting for Indigo Moon.  The yarn is not the softest I've used, but it seems like it will wear like iron and comes in amazing, vibrant colors.  I love this stuff.  It has excellent stitch definition and is wonderful to work with.  I'm knitting three pairs of socks for Indigo Moon, and the size I've been asked to knit is also my size.  You have no idea how much I want to wear the first pair or two until I finish the third and have to send them back!

So far, I've knit one Chains of Love in West Coast Musings, a lovely two-tone dye series of 100% superwash Merino wool, color West Coast Sunset and am nearly finished with the first Blackrose sock in Tonals, a nearly solid dye series of the same 100% superwash Merino wool base, in Turqoise.  I'm doing one sock at a time for multiple reasons, one being that if I finish the Chains of Love I'll be sorely tempted to wear them, and two being that Chains of Love calls for a long leg, and while I weighed the yarn to make sure I could knit the full 8" leg, I want to re-weigh* it before starting the next one, just to be on the safe side.  I could handle re-knitting if I need to at this point, but if I have the second sock nearly done, I would be crushed.  And might miss the deadline.  Due to the twists in the cuff, I don't think I'd be able to just cut off the cuff of the sock and knit it back on (though I probably could cut in two places and graft it...) to fix the problem of a too-long leg, so I'd much rather find out now.  I also do not own a good scale for weighing yarn, so have to use the one at the Post Office or elsewhere, and of course I left work just late enough the Friday I finished it to be unable to stop in to weigh it.

These are pretty generous skeins.  The listed weight and yardage is 100g/370 yards, but I'm fairly certain at least the West Coast Sunset was larger.  I weighed the 6.5" sock leg to see if I would have enough to make an 8" leg with the 10" foot, and figured as long as it was near 90g I could do it.  There were 96g left.  Only a 100g skein with 96g remaining after a 6.5" leg?  I doubt it!  I should have weighed the leg to see what the actual weight was, but I didn't want to deal with taking out the DPNs or weighing those separately and doing math.

These would be going a lot faster if I didn't knit the entire heel flap and half of the heel turn incorrectly with the first one, and then completely screw up the last two repeats of the lace panel on the Blackrose sock.  Of course, it was a small error, I knitted the wrong two stitches together on either side, but due to the lace pattern, I had to rip back all but the center three stitches to fix it.  So, I ripped down the entire 17 stitch panel, one DPN, and am midway through knitting it back up so I can finish it and make the second sock.

So far, I am very pleased with the way everything is coming out and cannot wait to see how it knits up in the final pair of socks, in West Coast Musings, color Wildberries, in a Cookie A pattern.  Should be great!

*I weighed the yarn, first sock is  57.8 g, ball for second is 61.2 g, nearly 120 g skein!  I wonder if all skeins are so generous or if she knew she wanted the 8" legs for this one...I shall have to weigh the other two to find out!

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