Friday, March 12, 2010

WIP Down

WIPs must be finished. 34, if I'm completely honest about everything, is the number of WIPs I have.

Some can be finished easily. I have some little magnets that just need seaming and stuffing. Others are not so easily finished; a large lace stole, colorwork sweater, and two queen sized blankets as well as my cross stitches are waiting their turn.

At the moment, I have an at-home project and an out and about project. The at home projects are the last two pairs of felted clogs, just in time to store them for the summer. Oh well.

I ran out of yarn for Lee's, so used a similar color from a different pair to finish off the center sole. I'm triple soling them for maximum warmth and comfort. It's not noticeable unless you're really inspecting the clog, and once it's felted, will probably be invisible.

At this point, his are finished except felting, and I just have the final two soles and attaching to do to make mine.

My out and about project is the last of a string of Mobii. Mobiuses? Neck cowls.

I have 1.5 rows, and then the I-cord bindoff left to finish it up. I should have all three done this weekend, and will be moving on to sewing up the magnets so they're finally done (killing a whopping 10 WIPs) and probably taking one of the queen sized blankets as my take-along project. Must finish knits! So I can start more...

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