Sunday, March 28, 2010


I made a lot of Mobius cowls as Christmas gifts. I made four more, exactly like that first one awhile back, for my mother, her three sisters, and my grandmother. I was able to get all five out of a bit less than two skeins of Knit Picks Shimmer in Sweet Pea. I have two more skeins, and am considering making one for myself, but I don't think I want to dip into those two fresh skeins just yet. You can do a lot with two skeins of laceweight, and I don't think I want to limit myself to millions of cowls, though I do love the pattern and how fast it works up. I also wore one for a day and really, really liked how it was, so now I'm wishing I'd made one for me. I do have some other laceweight looking for a project, though it's a bit thinner (KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud), that would work, and some as-yet unassigned solid colored laceweight...hmmm....

I got a bit artsy with some of these shots, so I've just shown off the nicer ones and not the oh hey, another blocking trapezoid! shots, and all the details are the same, except the exact working dates. I had some issues with my Boye Interchangeables set with the first one; the cords must be joined to work a mobius, and the join was sticking. I got an amazing Addi Turbo Lace 32" (80 cm) US4 needle for the others, and love, love, love it dearly. I can't wait to work on another currently hibernating lace project with these needles, it's so wonderful. I've decided to get the full set of 32" Addi Lace Turbos, and have just learned that they're in the process of prototyping and testing a set of Lace Clicks, so I may just get a set of those next Christmas instead of continuing the collection of 32" circular needles. Mmmm, I do love these things!

Pattern: May Flowers Mobius
Yarn: KnitPicks Shimmer in Sweet Pea, approximately .4 of a skein
Timeframe: One week per mobius, if I'm concentrating on it and it alone, but months really for most of them waiting to block
Mods: None, used Snapdragon Variation
Problems: None, this was lovely and amazing and I'd love to make more!

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