Thursday, March 1, 2012

Knitting? Yes. Posting? No.

Totals for February:

That's just under 36 miles, about 1/2 mile finished this month, and of course doesn't count the yarn used in my 3 in-progress, should be finished next month projects. I anticipate, if all goes well, a drop of epic proportions (2 miles!) if everything that is in progress gets finished, and I finish the two pairs of Thujas I have planned for this month. I'll also be adding a sweater quantity of yarn, once I finish the spinning that is nearly finished on my wheel, bad for the total, but if it is near the gauge that I'm hoping it is, it may also be finished off this month due to all of my train/plane/automobile time.

I've got lots of finished projects to show off and some WIPs that may be interesting to see as well. I'd better get to blogging!

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