Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good One!

Recently, I was lamenting my lack of well-fitted, pretty sweater vests. Sure, I've got three, but they've all got one problem or another, either being too short and not easily fixed, or being pretty good but just not sitting right, or having a loose, somewhat frumpy bodice. I've finally got one that I'm happy with, which is good because it started its life around the right size for a hat:

I've finally pulled it back out and re-knit it, and oh my I love it!

Pattern: Green Day (Rav)
Yarn: Leftover Berocco Ultra Alpaca
Needles: US9/5.0mm
Timeframe: February 27 - March 11, 2012
Mods: None
Problems: None - some extra length would not have been a bad thing, but it is great as it is!

It looks a bit better typically than the rumpled after a work day look I'm modeling in the pictures. Also doesn't actually stretch as much as it seems in the first picture with flash. Good fit, love the scoop, the cables actually came out nicer than I thought they would, and I am very, very happy with it!

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