Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Charity Work

I don't tend to craft much for charity. I craft a LOT for other people (22 pairs of Thujas before I finally knit one for me!), but not so much for faceless charities. I had some extra acrylic from my mom's old stash and decided to use it as a thank-you for the local shelter where I got my cats. They don't like jingle balls, so I donated the pack of balls I got for them along with three blankets/cage pads. I considered donating some of the mice/fish I made as well, but the cats like them so much I decided to keep this whole batch. I have a few more skeins of the yarn, so I'll probably end up making some more for the shelter at some point, but for now, here's the three I made this past summer:

Pattern: Easy Cat Cage Nubby Blanket (Ravelry only)
Yarn: Natural Yarn Crafts Natura Sayelle, very old yarn from my mom's old stash
Hook: 6.0 mm/USJ for the first one, 6.5 mm/USK for the other two
 Timeframe: July 25 - 28, very fast!
Mods: hdc rather than sc border because I like it better that way!
Problems: None!

I love this pattern, it's so fast and easy and looks rather nice. I'm planning to use the same pattern to make a pad for my cats to sit on when they sit by the window. So far we have my craft bins piled up under the windows so the cats have a place to sit, and a washable cover for them would be good. Maybe I'll get to that this month, they're fast!

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