Monday, March 4, 2013

Febrary Frenzy: Yarn Count

Final post for February-related things! Last post, I said that I did well over the course of the month, and by those metrics, I certainly did. Looking at a different metric, however, gives very, very different results:

Yep, yarn count went up. Not as much as I thought it would,but still, wrong direction! I purchased Christmas yarn for my family and yarn for some thank-you Thujas I'm knitting in March, plus I spun six ounces of my fiber stash. I can't call the spinning a bad thing, moving fiber from one stash to another and improving my skill, but it does add to my total yarn once it's in yarn form. Sigh. I also don't count partial work here, so all those single socks and the two sweaters I'm working on are not a part of the yarn count. I should finish at least one of those sweaters and all of the socks this month. I foresee a large decline in my next update, at least one mile. Unless of course I accidentally bring home more yarn!

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