Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey Look! A Thing!

I finally went back and remade the cross stitch that didn't work out last month:

It's going to my desk at work as a motivational guide.

I should make myself another one that says "No. It's a complete sentence." I have a habit of saying yes far too often and taking on too many things. Yes, it works, but not everything is easy, there's more stress and rushing than there could be, and I don't take the time for me things like puzzles, a dance class, playing my violin, horseback riding, brushing up on Spanish or ASL, or this semester, taking time for friends and family. Most of the knitting I've been doing has been during homework, lectures, bus rides, or other times when I'm also doing something else, except those few times I make it to knitting lunches and evenings. I got the work part, and part of the problem in getting the "life" into the work-life balance is I love the work I'm doing and really enjoy a lot of the readings and projects I'm working on. I'm just doing a bit much, and need to remind myself that I can in fact say no to things, even if they will look good on my resume or "not take much time".

Lee laughed when I showed him this - I took the time to stitch a reminder to do fewer things. Having grown up in the '90s, my question is, is this actual irony or Alanis Morissette irony?

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