Monday, November 4, 2013

Oooh Shiny!

I'm a bit overworked and overtired at the moment. I haven't made it to knitting group more than once this semester. In my haze, I opened my night table drawer the other day. The night table drawer holds the next few small cross stitches I intend to work on after I get the Christmas and new baby gifts knit. This was a mistake.

Through the haze, a shiny cellophane package winked at me. "Open me," it whispered. "You know you want to," it cajoled. I was weak. While ignoring the huge pile of WIPs that just need ribbons or buttons, I opened that package. I promptly started it, not realizing that the plastic was rectangular and that the image was also rectangular. I didn't notice until I'd worked about 50% of the design that I should have turned it 90 degrees before starting.

Luckily, the design is at the last possible square before I'd have to either modify the design or rip and re-do.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog silence. I have papers to write, meetings to attend, readings to reflect upon, and an ever-growing pile of sad nearly-finished projects that just need finishing work to ignore!

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  1. I have been looking for a win, or a finish, but my herd seems to all be stubbornly only halfway done.


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