Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Startitis Attack

I went to Jo-Ann's to use a 50% off coupon on a squirt bottle to make vinegar/water window solution. They didn't have any. So, I got some Heartland to try sooner than intended. I then cast on for Thujas for me much sooner than intended, that evening:

I went through my jewelry recently and want to send the discards to my sisters to go through before giving the rest to Goodwill. I won't see them until Thanksgiving, and they live a few hours apart. I realized that this coming weekend is Easter, and if I can get the jewelry to one by this weekend, they'll be seeing each other and can easily share it around. Then, I realized that one requested a Turtle Bowl and another one would probably really like one, so I started two of those:

I'm hoping to get the bowls done ASAP so they can make it there this week. The Thujas are coming in handy because the lace ruffle requires a bit more looking than I like during lectures every right side row. I can get a wrong side row done, then switch to the Thujas and do the right side when on the bus or walking or in a large-room seminar-type lecture. I almost resisted the cast-on bug, but then I remembered my goals for this year and just went for it. It'll all get done eventually anyway, right?

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