Sunday, January 11, 2015

Darn Sweater

It's cold here. Really cold. Cold enough that I got out my Lopi cardigan, one I don't wear that often because it's pretty warm. As I was sitting in a meeting in my lovely Lopi cardigan, a sweater beetle larva wandered across the desk I was at. I quickly dealt with the offending insect and assumed that I carried it in, as carpet beetle larvae eat wool, and I was wearing a large quantity of wool that lives in a dark closet and doesn't get moved too often.

Later inspection revealed definite carpet beetle damage. I'm wondering what the best method for fixing this is. Needle felting a bit of wool in there? Trying to spit splice the ends? Grabbing more of the yarn and actually darning it? I'll have to think on it a bit more. I just hope there aren't more larvae hiding, waiting to attack again!

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  1. Oh no! I have similar damage on a Wollmeise sweater of mine. I was planning on using the swatch to darn it.

    Molly : )


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