Friday, January 2, 2015

2014: Not Too Shabby

Since I had no goals this year, I met all my goals! Wooo! I also completed Camp Loopy and Loopy Academy, though I still have to photograph a couple Camp Loopy projects and add an edging to one of them.

I finished over ten miles of yarn and added 8.5. 2014 Closeup:

I finished 98 total projects, 95 of which were new in 2014. Not a good year for finishing UFOs. With 14 leftover projects adding to the 13 from before 2014, it seems like it was a good year for making UFOs. I knew I'd end up with a few, with my cork board project and an Art of Disney cross stitch started this year, but 14 is a bit much. Projects hanging around into 2015:

Cork Board (needs more wine with real corks to be consumed!)

Four Cross Stitches (each one started because I got bored with the last one)

Two Dragons (I was hoping to get these done for Christmas so I wouldn't have to ship them for birthdays, oops!)

Shawl (it was considered done, then I decided to add a border, so it's not actually done)

Doily (if I didn't have to rip back the longest rows (twice!), it'd be done)

Socks (a second pair of socks using the same illusion pattern to use up the yarn - unfinished due to boredom)

Two Clogs (I left the cord on vacation, so couldn't finish them on the plane home)

Two spinning projects (one just needs to be washed)

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