Friday, May 8, 2015

2015: Year of the Frog?

So far, I've had to frog something EVERY MONTH. I usually have frogging-level problems (wrong size, bad yarn/pattern match, etc.) once, maybe twice a year. This year? Six. One needle issue, four size problems, and one pattern mismatch. This month's fail:

Allgäu Socks, started April 23 and frogged May 8. The pattern says to be careful with the starting braid, to make sure that's not too tight. That part is fine. I knit the large, but the slipped stitch pattern was still too tight for me. What's with all the patterns not working? It's not like I ever used to swatch, especially for things like socks! Oh well - I was getting bored with the pattern and wanted to cast on something new anyway. Sigh.

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