Saturday, July 18, 2015

Needle Minders

I've seen needle minders on a few projects around the internet and always thought they were cute. They're a magnetic doodad with a picture of some sort that you put on your cross stitch (with a second magnet on the back) and it magnetically holds your needle when you're not stitching. No need to find a spot on the outside to hold it, no worries about making extra-large holes in the work, and they can be adorable too! Yesterday I found out that they are pretty easy to make, and I already owned all the materials needed. Today I have four needle minders!

They're smaller than your typical needle minder, about 1/2" rather than 1". I had both sizes of buttons and magnets but wanted the smaller ones so they fit nicely on smaller projects. I did a "fling it around wildly" test and they don't have the gripping power that the larger magnets would, but I don't anticipate flinging around the project much unless it's in the Ziplock I store it in. Anybody else need some? I have more supplies and a few other motif options!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. My friends have cute needle minders that they bought on Etsy, but I could never bring myself to pay that much for a covered magnet.


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