Monday, January 18, 2016


In Japan, I bought a couple of small kits for various crafts. A couple of these kits were miniature beaded sandals that I wanted to turn into stitch markers. I made a pair and a half, and put the kit away. Recently, I went through my miscellaneous craft bin and pulled out a couple of the kits that might work for small monthly challenge prompts over on Ravelry. This month, the stitch markers fit the bill so I finished up the kit of five pairs.

They're pretty cute, with a definite right and left sandal and a pretty flower on the top. Because the kits were so cute, I got more than one. I thought I got four kits, but have only found two. Next time I feel like pulling out the beads, there's a green set just like this one that needs to be assembled!

I made the loops fairly large to fit most needles and also to dangle down and not get in the way of the stitches. I have no idea how effective they'll be as stitch markers, as I've never used anything so large (I typically use paperclips), but I'm excited to try them out!

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