Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Finish

I finished a lot of projects, but I worked on a bunch more that just didn't get done. I also decided last month that I should knit my committee members a thing for my dissertation, and got the yarn for that. It's not a small amount of yarn.

I used and/or sold 9.7 miles of yarn this year. I purchased 8.8. Right direction, but not as good as I was going for. I finished 145 things, nine of them from pre-2015, though I was aiming for 14 pre-2015 finishes.  I'm finishing the year with 30 unfinished projects, three more than last year, and twelve new ones. Two of them just need to be blocked, so won't take much once I'm home again. Maybe I can finish one or two of the projects I have with me on the flight home!

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