Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Down To The Wire

So, my new yarn is expected in tomorrow. Tomorrow!!! That means I am supposed to be down to 25 projects, preferably before opening the box. We all know that that number is really, best case scenario, going to be 27, as two projects are supposed to be done using supplies that are coming in. However, for one of those last two straggling projects, I cannot find my pattern. I also cannot find my CD player. Including my favorite CDs. Which makes me believe that either I left a bag at home I wasn't supposed to, or I brought a bag to Goodwill that I wasn't supposed to. I am not yet open to the idea that I threw a bag away that I wasn't supposed to. So, one of those won't be finished. I really could fudge it. I have to do the second sleeve, which would be copying the first, I have to do the other side of the front (it has a small opening down the neck), but I also have to finish the first side of the neck opening. Which would be probably just taking it up so it matches the back decrease- and stitch-count-wise, but then I need to do the edging. With the yarn that I have to dye black. I don't remember exactly how the edging goes. I really don't want to deviate from the pattern. I started the pattern because I liked it; I'd like to finish it that way too!

Other than that, it looks like I'll be at 25 or 26 when I start something new. There is a possibility of 24, but I'll allow myself to start something at 27 too. Gotta put the buttons on the Lopi cardigan and Penguin mittens tonight, and finish the Awesome Mohair Sweater. It got put down a few days ago and never got picked back up. I did finish the evil Bathmat and the Hourglass Eyelet socks, the two that were in the queue that I was worried about finishing. Go me! I also started some small present amigurumi, some Hedwigs and a Chihuahua. Wasn't going to count those, as they're presents, but since it looks like all but the Chihuahua will be done (and I have to get the sewing machine out to finish that one), I suppose I can count them. Which will still bring me down to at least 27 by the time I open that box tomorrow, yay!

Picture Time:

I need to figure out how to better use the Macro function on my camera, but here he is, a felted penguin. Yay! His wings and head are pose-able, and he does stand on his own. Mostly.

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