Friday, July 6, 2007

It's Not The Fall...'s the sudden stop at the end that gets you. Yup, I fell down. Hard. Okay, so I'm really still falling. I finally figured out what this Mystery Stole thing that everyone on Ravelry's doing. And I found out that today is the last day that I can sign up. Not to be the one to miss out on a party ("come on, everybody's doing it!"), especially one where the intoxication is based on wool fumes (and one where there's basically a time-out for the release of Harry Potter 7), I just had to sign up. No, I don't own any laceweight yarn. However, I've been quite enamored of it and really itching to make a shawl or stole. Particularly a beaded black one I can wear with my cocktail-type dresses. A dark burgundy one would look nice too. Also beaded. I haven't really looked into patterns, as I know I should not buy any more yarn for any more projects; my queue is large enough. However, it is that time of year for my Great Yarn Purchase, and if I can add the laceweight and beads without going over my $150 budget, I'm gonna do it! If not, oh well, no harm, no foul, I just become one of the many who have signed up but won't finish. I'd love to finish, but we'll see. I have to start first!

I'm thinking of getting this:
Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool - Deepest Black (Color #11)
Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool

I was already planning on buying a bunch of yarn from Little Knits, and some from KnitPicks, and I don't like any of the colors from KnitPicks laceweight selections. It seems to me that you need to go with a neutral (or bold) solid color. I like the way the dark green and the bright purple ones are looking on the images on the Mystery Stole 3 site. And all the dresses I'd wear this with are black, so do I want a black on black with just some shiny beads to spice it up, or do I want a bright color to contrast, or...

It seems as though many other Mystery Stole 3 knitters also went the Little Knits route, as many of their neutral-type colors of this particular yarn (the cheapest) are also out of stock. I'm thinking I'll probably just get whatever is still there, as this yarn order is waiting for my paycheck. Jeez, I'll be on clue 3 or 4 by the time I start! Which just means that I have time to rapidly finish a couple things - I'm supposed to get down to 25 officially open projects before starting any new ones. Something tells me it won't quite happen - the real purpose is to stay below 30, which is why getting down to 25 was the goal, because I know myself, and I know that once I finish that many while not working on any new ones, I'll start a bunch. I always have major start-itis. After this weekend, I should be down to 30. I am quite sure that I'll be able to keep it in the 20s by the time I start the stole. Part of the yarn order will be to finish a pair of socks that are 3/4 done, so it won't take much time at all, and then I have another pair of socks that I can finish and be down to 28 by the time I start the shawl. Though I do believe that I'll be wanting to make a couple amigurumi for some people and start one of the four sweaters worth of yarn I'll be ordering. I also want to sew a couple of skirts before I go on a trip in a month. Hmmm....maybe I am in trouble!

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