Sunday, July 22, 2007

Variation on Variation on a Frill

I just finished my Variation on a Frill stole (the first one). It's a variation on that pattern because I made it shorter. This was one of those projects that looked like it would work up quickly when I saw the pattern. I figured I wanted to wear it on my first real date with Lee (to see Handel's Messiah) and I had a couple of weeks, so I went for it. You know how they always tell you to buy enough of the same dye lot to complete a project? Yeah. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some Red Heart LusterSheen, as it was about the correct weight for the project, and I got some size 6/0 E beads for the edging. I figured the two frill edges would be the hardest to do, so I just did those first, one from each skein I had bought. That way, once I got it to the desired length, ran out of yarn, or ran out of time while it was at a decent length, I could easily finish it off, having the end piece done. So I start knitting the middle, and lo and behold, the two end frills are different colors, which is easy to see in the light I was in at the time, but impossible to see in the dimly lit corridors of Jo-Ann's yarn section. Two different dye lots. In the same bin. When Red Heart yarns usually don't have dye lots. And yes, the frill bit was horrifically time consuming, 6-8 hours of knitting to drop 1/3 of the stitches. So I got one more skein of each of the dye lots to make two Frills.

I have one finished, one is begun, and I will have just enough yarn and beads left over to make a third one, if I so desire. I'd stripe the two different shades, and I haven't decide if I like making them enough to make another, much less a third. I hated knitting it for a lot of the time I was working on it, as it took much longer than I originally thought it should. I suppose if I think of someone to give it to, I'll make the second and third ones, but for now, that yarn is going deep down into the bin of yarnage, and will not be seen at least until I use up all my sock yarn. It was a good carrying project for work.

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