Saturday, February 9, 2008

Project Monogamy

I was planning to post some FO shots, but those will have to wait. Yesterday we had an icing thing going on, and the trees were gorgeous with their ice-covered branches. I had no free time until darkness had already descended over Rochester, so I was going to take pictures today, once I finished a majority of the sewing of the top. Of course, by the time I looked outside today, everything had already melted. Crap. And it's already all cloudy and there's no good natural light. Oh well.

I've found that recently, I've been very monogamous with my projects. Very strange for me. The seven things I've finished have been worked on and completed, one at a time. Well, mostly. I've had a sock for during classes and times I can't work completely on one thing, and a more complex thing for when I can sit down (the stoles), but it's been just the one sock until it's done and just the one complex thing until it's done. Henry's proven to be so mindless a knit that it's been my carry-around for the past week, and I only worked a very little bit on the Path of Flowers Stole. Just enough to catastrophically drop a stitch. Now, I am very good at picking up stitches, even in lace. I rarely tink back because most things can be fixed just by dropping and picking up, and it takes less time than going all the way back and all the way forward again. Remember how I was concerned that the stole was too open and airy? Yeah, the fact that I couldn't bring the stitch back up because everything looked like a YO decided that one for me. I'm going to try with size US4s now, instead of US6s.

Back to Henry. He's 3/4 done, if I go for only 4 repeats. 3/4 done is 75 rows of 452 stitches on US3s. So the whole monogamy thing is working out well for me. Looks like Henry will be done in about a week and a half from starting it. Amazing. I may well do 5 repeats instead of four though. I have enough yarn for two Henrys (though not currently two recipients), one with four repeats and one with five. I'm going to have to wait and see on this one.

I've also been sewing. I left my machine at home, but the director of the other show that will be performed before Hamlet let me borrow hers. I wanted a corset-style bodice for my costume, so that's what I'm doing. I think I like my other shirt better, now that it's done though. I haven't sewn in awhile, so my seamstressing skills are not quite up to par with the shirt. There are a couple of seams I am very much not proud of, and I got stretchy satin so there's a bit of puckering along all the seams. It is very nice and black and shiny, though not quite as form-fitting as I was going for. I don't want to deal with taking in bits though, that will probably make it too small/generally unwearable. I know I'll wear it as a shell for showing off my stoles and things so I'm not too upset with not wearing it in the show or the fact that it's not quite perfect. And I may go back and attack it some more when I have my machine with me again.

I can't wait until I get my own workroom. Also, why does Blogger have my correct time zone, yet continuously post incorrect times for when I post?

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