Sunday, February 17, 2008

Progress and Pictures

So I decided that for Valentine's Day, Lee and I would go to Dinosaur Barbecue. They had a guy playing from a band he likes Friday night, and so we went there. It was good. And it's number four on the list.

Saturday night we went to a hockey game, the last one of the season during classes. We'll probably go to the two over break also, since we're staying for break, but I definitely get number 80 crossed off! Woohooo!

I've also been compiling lists, so part of number 61 is complete. Can't be done until I've found the real reading lists that I'm trying to read. I saved all my reading lists from high school, mostly because it was college level courses I was taking, and all interesting books. I think I know where they are, but that's 200 miles away right now. Gotta find those eventually. I keep randomly finding them, saying, "oh, here they are, can't forget that!" and promptly putting them somewhere "to remember" that I can't ever recall.

I really, really want to work on something else. I'm almost done with Henry. I've got seven rows left, then bindoff, then blocking. It'll be done except for the blocking tonight. I then need to finish my grandmother's birthday present so I can give it to her when I see her. It's a pretty lace stole, out of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint Heather. 100% very soft baby alpaca with a nice little halo and a delicious pink color she'll just love. I've gone down a couple of needle sizes, and my gauge is just about on. It's supposed to be 7 rows per inch, and I figure I'm getting around 8, though it might be seven if I block it really hard. You're supposed to knit it 65.5" long, and with sixteen stitch repeats, so two inches per repeat. 32 repeats (maybe 30) and you end with half a repeat. Each repeat takes about a movie. I think - I've only done one repeat and I don't really remember how long it actually took! Maybe it was half a repeat per movie...Anyway, I'm estimating one repeat per movie. So it would be perfectly reasonable to get done in a month. One repeat per day, play catch-up on the weekends, great. I have less than two weeks. And only one repeat done. Crud.

Luckily, I have a weekend and then the rest of finals week in between now and then. I hope. I'm still not positive when I'm going to see them. I'll have at least six days where I don't have anything planned right now, and a few other times where I'll probably be knitting while tutoring/in class/studying/sitting through final presentations, so while it might be close, I think I can get it done.

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If I can resist the lure of temptation...I really, really, really want to make some socks. New socks. For me. Or a sweater. I'd love to finish Peasantry. Maybe work on Blaze some. Rouge's been calling for months. My mom's sweater is next up. If she'd ever send me her measurements.

But first, I must finish what needs finishing.

I took a big step today, for me. I frogged something. A sock. My Victorian Lace Socks, in fact. I really didn't like the yarn at all, the pattern just wasn't doing anything for me, and they needed handwashing. I didn't like them enough to actually want to wear them enough to wash them. I also think the yarn will make a very nice hat and scarf combo, when paired with the leftovers from the Henry. I won't be making a second Henry, I'll be making a nice hat and a large scarf with whatever's left from Henry and the socks. I decided to go with the five repeats for Henry, so I'll have just under two skeins left over. Which is good because the yarn from the socks, Nancy's Knit Knacks Digit comes in smaller than 50 gram skeins, so I'll have closer to an even amount of yarn. Still more grey than black, so I'm thinking the hat will have grey ribbing flowing into a herringbone pattern of grey and black. Subdued, elegant, something I can wear with a my nice peacoat-esque coat. Possibly a grey flower on it too, but we'll see how it looks when I get there.

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