Monday, February 4, 2008

Still No FO shots...

Rochester has been bleak and snowy. And so, no pictures of my pretty stoles yet. I'll probably get a stage shot of Guinevere, as I wore it to rehearsal last night and my costume requirement became "Something queenly, floor-length, that matches the red thing." I don't have such a dress or skirt/top combo, so I have to go shopping. Oh gee darn!

OH OH OH LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! See that purpley one? No, not that one, the one on the right? The ribbed short sleeve one with the ribbon? Yeah, I did that. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Very flighty post today. Jumping around to random topics. But better than none at all, right?

Next topic: How wide is a good scarf? I'm making Henry, for my grandfather. I currently am just about at the end of the first skein. I bought four, as per the recommendations, and one takes me a few rows further than two repeats of the "V" pattern. I'm at school, with Henry but without a camera (and I don't want to explain to the office peoples that I'm borrowing the camera, not for engineering samples and reports, but for scarf pictures) so you'll just have to visualize how it is now. This is nearly 2.5 inches. The scarf as per the pattern is 8 inches and seven repeats. My question to you, faithful reader(s) is how wide should a good man's scarf be? I'm sure he won't be wrapping it about his neck much, just wearing it with his suit to church on cold days, but how wide should it be? The full 8" scarf seems to be folded over in the photo shoot, which makes me think that a thinner scarf is not a bad thing. If I make it 4.5/5 inches, two skeins, will it be enough? If so, I am halfway done. I will do 4, maybe 4.5 repeats, depending on how it looks. I can probably get 4.5 repeats out of two skeins, and then I'll have enough for another scarf if/when I'd like one for someone else.

Above and beyond that, does anyone have a job for a MechE fresh out of college that DOESN'T involve supervising an assembly line or working in a factory? Yeah, send it my way.

Just spend awhile researching Henry some more on Ravelry, and yeah, I think 4 repeats will be just fine. So I am couting it as halfway done, yipee!!!

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