Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's National Blog Post Month again, where you try to post every day on your blog. I am not doing this for the Japan blog, because while I'm sure people would read it if I posted daily, we don't want to be having any posts that are only just there so that it's filled up for November. Though I suppose I could just bring my camera and have an interesting picture of something random posted daily...meh, maybe I will...

Also, this November, I shall give myself a goal. I want to get my number of open projects down below ten, and keep them there. The problem here is that I have way too many complex open projects. I have a stranded cardigan, a somewhat complex beaded lace stole, a cabled and beaded lace scarf, two sleeves with cabled motifs, socks I've been designing that just aren't right, and a whole bunch of cross stitches. Nothing I can really throw into the purse for walking to work. At least not until the socks are ripped and redone and actually start to look like something I want to keep. I am keeping Rogue at work, working on those sleeves with cabled motifs when I can, and I'm really motoring away on that Cinderella's Castle cross stitch at home (I should be done with all the cross stitches very, very soon!), but all the others are languishing.

The goal here is to get the number under 10 open projects by the New Year, and then have as a New Year's Resolution keeping the number of open projects below 10 for the year. Yes, I know, goals and I don't really get along as I am a fickle person. BUT, this time, I think I am being somewhat reasonable. I can have a purse item. That is the only thing I am allowed to cast on for. I have more than enough sock yarns to make this last for awhile, so if I get start-itis, I am allowed to cast on socks and things of that nature for purse carrying.

At work, I only have my Rogue and the purse item, so I'm good there. I don't have extra yarn to do anything else with, so I can't defeat myself there. I get to work on it so sparingly that I really don't have any plans for what will come after Rogue is finished.

At home, I've been on a cross stitching frenzy, so the current plan is to finish the Cinderella's Castle, which I am beginning to think may actually happen before Christmas, and then if I'm still wanting to cross stitch, move on to the Santa Hanger which is small but annoying, since they reversed two symbols on the chart that I've already stitched and therefore need to rip out before I can continue, or the Sled Ornaments, which aren't really cross stitch but are the kind of embroidery using yarn and the plastic squares with the large holes in them. If I stop wanting to stitch, there's enough open knitting projects that I can work on, starting with that scarf. I WILL get down to a small number of open projects! I maintain that you should always have a few, like a cross stitch and a lace piece and a cabled piece and a sock, but under ten is reasonable. That way things actually get done! That's my cross stitch problem; I have seven started and none of them near finished. I should never have started most of them - I keep thinking I'll start one because it looks quicker than the others I have open, but if I spent that time working on the same one instead of starting a million others, I'd be able to finish the ones I start!

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