Saturday, March 14, 2009

Christmas in...March?

Here it is, finally, an FO post for my evil Santa Hanger. It has been finished for awhile now, but I hadn't taken any pictures of the finished piece until just recently.

This project angered me quite a bit. Twice, two color symbols for shades of the same basic color were switched in the key, once with greens, once with beiges. The kit did not come with enough of two different colors, white and green-ish, three, if you count the fact that they expected you to have another full length of the red to tie up the tassel with. Then, I had to go and get some felt to finish the back and sew it up. Took forever! But, it is finally finished, and very much lovely. Or something. I think I shall bring it in to work to dress up my desk for the holidays. I need to buy some magnetic hooks, big ones so I can hang my coat and umbrella on the side of my bookcase, and small ones for things like the Santa hanger for on the cubicle divider.

Ta da!

Kit: Random Santa Hanger kit I bought from eBay
Materials: Everything in the kit plus some white and green-ish thread, and a piece of felt for the backing.
Timeframe: I don't even know. Years? I bought it...oh, freshman year of college? Sophomore year? No idea. It's been in the works for at least a couple of years though.
Mods: None, followed the kit instructions exactly.
Problems: Lots! Dirty linen, messed up color chart, not enough thread, not wanting to pull out the thread to fix the chart errors, and then tension errors on my sewing machine once I got that up and running.

I like the tassel on the hat. I hate the big tassel at the bottom, but I think if I get it wet and let it hang dry, it will look better.

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