Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pagewood Squiggle Socks

This is a test knit. It is only a test. If it were an actual knit, ummm...I'd make the second sock?

This is a great pattern. Ravelry link. I finally found something to use this yarn for, and it's the third, I think, pattern I've tried. The yarn is MAX sock yarn, a German yarn I bought off of eBay a while ago. I've had four skeins of it forever and just haven't found something that looks right for any of them. This sock, with this yarn, looks smashing. The yarn is thin too, so the fact that there's more stitches in this one than I usually use is a good thing. I knit the pattern as written to test it, but I usually make some changes to socks. So, I'm going to rip and reknit to fit my foot better. I just can't bear to do it yet.

Changes I will make:
1. Shorter cuff: .5" instead of 1.5", because I like shorter cuffs (or even no cuff) when the design itself is ribbed.
2. Longer leg: I like my legs to be 6" before the heel flap; this one is 5". I might not have enough yarn though, since it's an 88 st pattern, so I may leave it at 5".
3. Longer heel: I like my heels to be a bit longer to fit me better, so I'll be changing that.

Love the pattern, and I love how the squiggles are positioned at either side of the foot instead of just blindly placing the heel flap. The little things like that make me happy.

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