Monday, March 23, 2009

More Issues!

I've been knitting along on the sleeve. Getting fairly far, nothing to brag about but not too shabby either. I realized that I have a whole heck of a lot more increasing to do, and not all that much space left to increase in. I realized that I only just barely got the last increase in on the last sleeve, which was at a tighter gauge and therefore had more room to make those increases in.


I calculated it, and there is no way possible that increasing every 6 rows would work for the assumed row gauge and the example numbers. This time around, with my looser gauge, I've ended up using the example numbers as my numbers. No way to increase 28 sts in approximately 6.5 inches at 6 rows/inch. No way using the stated increases. You're supposed to increase 2 sts every 6th row, so you'd need 84 total rows for this (6 rows/inch x 14 increase rows = 84 total rows). 6.5 inches is only 39 rows. Even at 7 rows/inch, it's only about 53. So, I'm increasing every 3 rows, needing 42 total rows, just perfect at 6.5 rows/inch, a little less than the whole way at 7.


This means I need to rip back and start increasing every three rows, starting at row 3 of the section I am in. I don't want to rip out all my lovely stranding! It's going so well...


I carefully run the 4th needle through one leg of every stitch of the third row of the section. I pull out the needle holding those sts and run that one through every stitch of the same row underneath another needle, and do the same with that one, until I can pull out the last needle and then take a picture to show you:

Next came the frogging, which luckily worked out correctly and got me exactly where I wanted to be. I then added a stitch at the beginning and the end of the sleeve, and went along my merry way.

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