Saturday, May 9, 2009


Apparently, I just can't finish a pair of socks. I've had the Hourglass Socks on the needles since November 4. I did technically finish them once, after making a stupid error with the heel flap. Then, I did a test knit sock (Nebula by Cookie A., the brown one) which I LOVE, but I didn't have to make both, so I'm leaving the second one as a gift to myself, once I finish the Hourglass pair. Now, I have a sample knit pair of socks to make, so the Hourglass socks have gone back onto the stitch holder they just came off of, and will be waiting for this pair to finish.

I'll be knitting an as-yet undetermined pair of socks to showcase the yarn, Super Sock by Abstract Fiber. I'll update the colorway when I show off pictures of the in progress socks. I also have a pair of socks I just can't seem to get right, the Snowflake socks I'm trying to make. I keep on knitting them, then realizing they just aren't working the way I thought they would, and ripping back. I will, as soon as I start the sample socks, have four pairs of socks on the needles. That is three too many. There should always be a pair of socks on the needles in the purse for waiting in lines and such things, but this is just too many. I blame the complexity of the patterns. The Snowflake ones just don't turn out well. The Hourglass ones have an easy to memorize pattern, but have cabling nearly every other row every four-ish stitches, so take awhile. The Nebula socks also have cabling every other row, but not nearly as much and those look so awesome I just want to finish them and wear them everywhere NOW!

As for the sample knits, I have it narrowed down to three possible patterns that show off variegated yarns well, one of which has cables. I think it might show the yarn off the best, which is why it's on the list, but I don't want to knit more socks with cables! The other two are nice, easy to memorize lace patterns, so I'm leaning towards those, but am giving the final say to the designer as she'll be keeping the samples when they're done being samples. I may as well make socks she'd like to wear later, especially if she ever discontinues the colorway!

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