Thursday, May 14, 2009


The sweater is out and done and the hole was fixed nicely. I shall post pictures of and discuss in my next entry. For now, more flowers!

After having no fresh flowers for two weeks due to vacations (I'm not complaining!) there is a new arrangement livening up the room. It goes amazingly well with its bowl. I'm much happier with it now that it's here than I was when I made it at school. I've gotten roses from Ikebana a heck of a lot more than I've gotten roses from Lee. It doesn't bother him one bit. This arrangement has purple flowers, more Calla Lilies, and pretty pink roses. It also has a leaf. It is in the same style as the first few. We don't branch out into more interesting things for a bit, until we get the whole shin (tallest one, nearly straight up), soet (3/4 height of shin, off at a 45 degree angle), hikae (3/4 height of soet, the leaf, about 75 degrees from shin) formula down. Pretty flowers though!

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