Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! (Thought I posted this, it was in Drafts!)

I made an Easter Basket!

There's these cute little kits here to make baskets like that. I have a few, and they're adorable, if not the easiest things to get started. I nearly threw it all away, but finally figured it out and think I should make all the ones I got. Early Christmas presents!

I also tried to go through all of my projects to make sure I wasn't forgetting/neglecting any. I count 29. This is not correct. I've been adding projects and subtracting them as I go, so I should have 31. I'm missing 2 projects somewhere. Cross stitch is definitely correct. Papercrafts, stamping, frogging, and spinning are too. That leaves knitting, crochet, and sewing. Now, it's not impossible that I've missed a project or two, but I just can't think of what it is!

New projects are Unders and patches for my holey socks, I've finished four open projects and the LSG scarf, and that should leave me at 31, by the running total. What's missing? This will bug me for quite some time. Maybe I didn't update the total at an earlier date? If I can't figure it out soon, I'll just re-adjust. Makes getting down to under 30 quite simple! And if I just take a day to sew, stuff, weave in ends, and finish patching those socks, that'll be under 20. I like this plan.

In other news, I've lost one of my Fetchings. Again. I believe I still have enough for a fourth one, but jeez, I've gotta find a way to keep track of these things better! Maybe get one of those Mitten Minder things for really young kids or something...I definitely won't have enough yarn for a fifth!

Blocking from the last time I re-knit one

I wonder which one I lost? The newer one likely grew to the same size anyway - I don't recall one being larger than the other anymore. Has anyone else found Cascade 220 to grow quite a bit through use? My Calorimetry and Fetchings used to be great, but they're a bit big now. Oh well. Another small project to toss into the lineup!

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