Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fail Week

This week, my knitting has been full of fail.  Epic levels of fail.  Okay, not epic.  But fail nonetheless.

First off, I brought my work vest, hopefully the first of a few this year, to my knitting group on Monday.  I'm working on a Bramblewood, fairly simple, worsted weight yarn so fairly quick, free pattern, and uses up some 3+ year stash yarn, win-win-win-win-win.  I was working on the I-cord edging for the armholes so I could maximize yarn.  Also, this way I was able to leave the yarn attached and not have multiple ends to weave in and was really slick about it.  However, in following the directions and switching to a US6 from a US8 for the edging, I made it entirely too small.  I can in fact fit it up on my arm, but add a shirt and I'm sure the circulation would be cut off by the end of the day.

Bramblewood Fail

Next fail was the second laceless Millicent Sock by Cookie A.  The first sock is lovely, finished, though I may run some elastic through the top as it fits amazingly but is tall enough to want to sag a bit during use.  I found this out while wearing it all evening after finishing it, with one leg of my lounge pants rolled up to show it off all night.  Lee thought I was hilarious and insane.  Anyway, the second sock.  I made it to the heel turn, and realized that I had two more stitches on the purl side than the knit side, and followed the directions correctly.  Crap.  In looking more closely at the heel flap, I realized that I had only 42 stitches, and while that may be the answer, it was not the number I was looking for in this case.  Rip and re-do.  In some cases I may have fudged it, but with this pattern, that was not something I wanted to do.  I hate messing up a heel flap, mine are always 48 rows due to my high instep instead of the typical 30 - 40.

Now with correct heel flap!

Finally I (hopefully) finished up my week of fail with another error on the Bramblewood vest.  You can see this one in the picture, kind of.  The final set of cables, at the widest point, is supposed to have an odd row where you knit the knits and purl the purls, and I went right on to cabling back towards the center.  So, instead of a lovely curve, there's a point.  I was considering ripping down and re-doing only the cabled panels, but I think it'll look better in the end and be less of a hassle to just rip the whole thing back and re-do.  It's all in the round with stockinette in between the panels, so not that big.  Three inches is kind of annoying though, even if it is in worsted weight yarn with only six rows to the inch!

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