Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 1

No polish today because I like the gold and am being lazy.

That is in fact a downward slope there! I changed to straight, rather than smoothed lines, to get a better idea of when it goes up and down rather than inflection points at odd places. I was worried, but a late-night finish to the Penguin Scarf did allow for another month of negative slope - that's every month since March, though some more than others!

Right now I have two single socks whose yarn is still in the count. Those will be easy finishes for a nice chunk of negative yarn, but I am not touching those until at least a couple more Christmas presents are done! That huge jump up, the last time my numbers went up? That was the Christmas KnitPicks order. A large percentage of that yarn still needs to be knit. It's September, time to focus on that!

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