Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Did It!

Nothing new was cast on in August! I went for a whole month without starting anything new, and even managed to finish 15 things! Woo!

Okay, so #15 was actually done September 1 and I pretty much immediately started something new, but it was for the Harry Potter House Cup (HPHC). I also am hoping to get approved for a Detention OWL, which means finishing over 1800 yards of yarn on already-started projects by the end of November. This is something I have the means to complete!

Also, yarn. I finished a lot this month, but I also bought a large chunk of yarn for projects that have either not yet been done or have taken less yarn than the amount purchased. I was honestly surprised to see the numbers go down this month! While I'm planning to work on a downward trend, there are a few more skeins needed for a specific birthday present that will be in the works for early next year. I haven't bought any yarn at all that was project-less, just-for-fun, or for a project that had something reasonable in the stash. If I didn't need yarn for specific projects, mostly either gifts or necessary things like felted slippers and cat tunnels (totally necessary!), I'd be doing so well.

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